With Christmas and the colder months fast approaching, many of us are settling in for a long winter of dropping temperatures and the possibility of rain, snow, and storms. Making sure your roof is secure and stable is a vital part of winter preparation. Keeping your roof at its best can save you money and help protect the environment and improve your home’s overall curb appeal.

Inspect Your Roof

If you’re not sure if your roof needs any special attention, it is worth booking a consultation. Big Bear Roofing are experienced roofers with extensive expertise in providing outstanding quality, lasting roofing and repairs and take great pride in keeping you warm and sheltered all year round. You can get in touch for a free consultation at any time!

Perhaps you’ve noticed it’s taking longer to heat your home, or you’ve noticed birds nesting and want to make sure everything is in the best condition. A roof inspection can be a great way to get some peace of mind as the weather changes.

Even after your inspection, you should always make it a rule of thumb to check your roof regularly, particularly when the weather is at its harshest.

Start Before Winter

You need to check your roof and guttering before winter hits, ideally. This approach means that you can ensure that your roof is in the best condition it can be for the coming cold months. Prevention is better than a cure when it comes to keeping your roof in top shape. However, even if winter is already in full swing having a professional check over your roof is still very worthwhile, as some damage may not be visible from ground level.

Keep Your Roof As Clear As You Can

It would help if you cleared any snow as it gathers – snow is heavier than it seems and can put a strain on your roof and potentially compromise your home’s structural integrity over time.

Keeping your roof clear of debris is a vital maintenance rule to keep up throughout the year, but particularly vital over winter. If snow builds up, it can damage your roofing and potentially causing issues like ice dams and leaks.

It would help if you made sure you don’t allow too much to build up, or you might end up with even more significant problems on your hands.

Keeping Warm

Your roof is possibly the most critical component of your home for keeping you warm during the winter. A good roof will adequately insulate your home, keeping the heat inside and saving you money in the long run. If you have an older roof, then replacing your roof could be a significant asset this winter.

Given that heat rises, winter is an excellent time to see how your roof insulation holds up. After an icy night, check to see if your roof still has frost on it. Make sure you do this before the sun has had too much of a chance to melt any frost. If there is frost on your roof, that’s a good sign that your roof is doing its job and keeping the heat in your home. If there is no frost up there, then it’s likely that that is because the heat from your home is escaping from your roof and melting it –not ideal in winter!

This issue can also impact the cost of heating your home. If you’re concerned about your home’s energy efficiency, then it’s a great idea to invest in a good quality roof, especially as over time, this will save you money on your energy bills.

Fix Any Roof Damage

If you see any damage, you must have it fixed as soon as possible. This is important at any time of the year, including over the winter. Keep an eye out for any cracking, loose shingles, or tiles, and if in doubt, consult a professional.

Missing tiles or shingles can lead to water leaking into your home and causing damage. There’s nothing worse than trying to deal with water damage in the winter, especially if the snow and rain keep coming.

Consider A Roof Replacement

Even if you don’t find any evidence of damage to your roof, replacing it with the best, cutting-edge roofing can be a great way to ensure your comfort, not just this winter but for years to come. New roofs are longer-lasting, more efficient, and greener than ever before.

There are many different types of roofing out there, and there’s sure to be one that will suit your needs and budget. Choosing whether a focused roofing product can make all the difference during the stormy, snowy winter months.

Beware Of Ice

When icicles build up on guttering and roofs, it can put them in danger of taking too much weight. Making sure in the fall that you remove any leaves, soil, and debris from your roof and guttering is essential to making sure that when the big freeze comes, you don’t get any blockages. It also ensures that the presence of fall debris doesn’t compound the weight of any ice and icicles that form on your roof.

Debris and ice can cause ice dams, where ice forms at the edge of your roof. This issue can stop the melted snow from leaving your roof. This water builds up behind the ice dam, meaning that it can leak into your home and cause water damage. The weight from the water held by the water dam can also cause damage to the home’s structural integrity.


Keeping up your roof can save you money, help you do your part to combat global warming, and provide you with peace of mind.

A good, reliable, weatherproof roof will be a significant asset to your home at any time in the year. If you decide the time is right to replace your roof, Big Bear Roofing has quality, top-of-the-range roofing products, and professional roofing contractors in Summerville, SC for installation, which comes with a lifetime guarantee.