7 Things That Can Hurt Your Roof And Make It Susceptible To Damage

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There’s no underplaying the importance that roofs have in our lives. Without them, we’d have a lot of trouble staying warm and dry in our homes. Unfortunately, roofs can weaken over time, and it’s not hard for them to get damaged. That’s why Big Bear Roofing exists to provide roof repairs and roof replacement in Charleston, South Carolina.

How To Make Sure Your Roof Is In Top Shape Over The Winter

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With Christmas and the colder months fast approaching, many of us are settling in for a long winter of dropping temperatures and the possibility of rain, snow, and storms. Making sure your roof is secure and stable is a vital part of winter preparation. Keeping your roof at its best can save you money and

Why Roof Maintenance Always Needs To Be Top Priority

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Maintaining your roofs is going to be one of the most critical tasks for your property. You need to ensure that all parts of your property are in good condition, of course, but the roof is often one of the most important within that list. No matter what, you need to ensure that the roof

Checking Your Roof After A Storm: A Beginner’s Guide

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Storms are a common occurrence in South Carolina, and in 2020 numerous weather cycles are causing problems for homeowners and businesses alike. After a storm, there’s a lot that homeowners have to consider, including checking their perimeter fencing, security, water supply, and more. There’s also a lot of rubbish to clear away, so you need

Why Homeowners Should Never Overlook Their Gutters

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Regular home maintenance is essential if you want to keep your property looking great and in good condition. If you ignore small problems now, then they could quickly escalate and become serious issues. As a premier roofing contractor, Big Bear Roofing understands this better than most. Small, seemingly insignificant roofing problems can quickly become significant

How To Deter Animals And Birds From Your Roof

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Animals are amazing creatures, and whether it’s wildlife or their pets, most people have a strong affection for furry or feathered critters. However, animals and birds that clamber onto your roof, or build their nests up there, can cause a lot of expensive damage. Roof repairs and roof replacements are costly and time-consuming, so you

Home Insurance: Does It Cover Roof Repairs?

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Home insurance is essential for any homeowner that wants to ensure that they’ve protected their property against accidental damage. Whether it’s the weather or a freak accident, home insurance will cover various disasters, but it doesn’t pay for everything. At Big Bear Roofing in Mt Pleasant, South Carolina, we have experience working with a wide

Doing Your Bit For The Planet? How A New Roof Could Help Make Your Home More Sustainable

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Sustainability is a hot topic right now, with everyone from governments and businesses through to individuals and homeowners working to reduce their impact on the environment. For homeowners, there are various ways you can lower the impact your property has on the environment. Limiting your waste is one of the best ways you can make

How To Decide When To Replace The Roof On Your Home

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Your roof is a vital part of your property: not only does it protect your home and possessions, but it also forms a crucial part of the structure of your building. As such, it’s essential that you take good care of it, use qualified contractors to fix and inspect it, and replace it when it’s