How To Deter Animals And Birds From Your Roof

by | Jul 1, 2020 | Residential

Animals are amazing creatures, and whether it’s wildlife or their pets, most people have a strong affection for furry or feathered critters.

However, animals and birds that clamber onto your roof, or build their nests up there, can cause a lot of expensive damage.

Roof repairs and roof replacements are costly and time-consuming, so you need to reduce the chances of damage to your roof by keeping animals and birds away from your roof where possible.

Additionally, animals and birds can leave a lot of mess on your roof, which can lead to long-term damage if not cleaned away promptly. Cleaning your roof is an arduous process, so you need to reduce the mess on it, and that means keeping the critters at bay.

As a premier roofing company in Charleston, South Carolina, Big Bear Roofing understands how much damage animals and nesting birds can do to your roof.

To help you avoid this damage and keep your roof clean and presentable, we’ve put together some practical tips to deter animals from climbing on your roof and making it their home.

Cut Back Any Trees And Foliage

Animals like raccoons, possums, and squirrels will find it easier to crawl onto your roof if there are overhanging branches nearby.

As such, if you have any trees near your roof, then you should trim the branches back regularly to keep them clear of your property.

The same goes for any large bushes or foliage growing up your home, as these plants make for the perfect climbing frame for small animals that can damage your roof.

Replace Missing Roof Tiles Promptly

If you notice that tiles on your roof are missing, you must get them replaced quickly to avoid birds using the gap to make a nest.

Roof tiles often go missing after storms, so work with us and use our storm damage repair service to keep your roof in good health and remove any gaps that animals can use to make themselves at home on your roof.

If you collaborate with us and have your roof regularly inspected by one of our experienced roofers, then you should be able to ensure that your roof remains clean and bird-free.

Buy A Model Hawk

It might sound comical, but ceramic hawks or owls can deter birds and small animals from landing on your roof. That’s because these birds are predators, and prey animals like squirrels and rats will want to stay away from them to avoid becoming their next meal.

Hawks and owls are also territorial birds, and as such, other predator birds will stay away if they think that another bird occupies your home’s roof.

Choose a statue that looks great and fits with your home’s aesthetic but is also realistic enough to fool animals and birds and keep them away from your roof.

Consider Roofing Guards Or Bird Spikes

Besides model hawks, there are also many other animal and bird deterrents that you can buy to keep wildlife and local pets away from your roof.

These solutions range from bird spikes to high-frequency noise deterrents. Check out a selection of the solutions on offer, and find ones that are safe but effective.

Read product reviews or visit your local hardware store and ask for recommendations. Our team has experience servicing many roofs with animal deterrents on them, so if we’re already working on a project with you, ask your Big Bear roofing contractor for advice.

They’ll be happy to share their recommendations based on their experience and the knowledge they’ve acquired from working with customers throughout the South Carolina area.

Keep Your Cats Indoors

It’s not only wild animals that can damage roofs; pets such as cats can cause significant damage if they climb onto your roof.

While you can’t stop every cat from climbing on your property, you can keep your own pets inside to reduce their chances of damaging your roof.

Keep windows shut and train your cat to use a litter tray. If they like being outdoors, then monitor them and train them not to go on your roof.

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