Ladders are the ideal way to reach tall surfaces and carry out home maintenance tasks, from simple chores such as changing lightbulbs to complex processes like assessing storm damage on your roof.

As one of the top commercial roofing contractors in Raleigh, NC, Big Bear Roofing understands how to use ladders safely, but we have witnessed some inferior practices over the years.

Misusing a ladder can result in serious harm to your body and can be fatal in some cases. It can also cause severe damage to your property, so anyone who needs to use a ladder needs to understand how to do it safely and correctly.

For more information on how to safely use a ladder and ensure that you and your home don’t get hurt, read on, and our roofing experts will share their tips.

Never Climb A Ladder Alone

One of the best tips that we can offer is never to climb a ladder alone. Always make sure that you have someone with you at the bottom of the ladder.

They can hold the ladder steady as you climb and make sure that it doesn’t fall if you get off the ladder and climb onto another surface like your roof.

If anything goes wrong and you get hurt or stuck, the other person can help you or fetch professional assistance.

Even climbing a small ladder alone is dangerous and foolhardy, so make sure that you ask someone to watch you every time you use a ladder.

Choose The Right Size Ladder

Make sure that you select the correct size ladder when you start your project. If the ladder isn’t long enough, you might have to stretch, leading you to unbalance yourself and fall.

If the ladder is too long, then it might not fit in your space, and it could sway, causing you to fall. You need to make sure that your ladder is the correct size for the project you are undertaking.

Measure the space using a tape measure before you choose a ladder. If you do not have a ladder that is the right size for your latest project, visit a hardware store, or browse online to find the right product.

Some ladders are extendable, so you can adjust the size to suit your requirements. If you’re buying an adjustable ladder, then choose a quality product so that you can rely on it to keep you safe.

Check The Grips On The Base Of The Ladder

Most ladders have grips on the base to stop the ladder from slipping under your weight. These grips can get worn away over time, so if you’re using an old ladder, make sure that the grips aren’t damaged.

It is possible to repair a damaged ladder, so if your ladder is old and needs new grips, then take it to a hardware store or work with a local company to fix it.

Alternatively, you can buy a new ladder to ensure that you’re safe when you start doing home maintenance and decorating projects.

Assess Your Surroundings When Putting Up Your Ladder

When you’re putting up your ladder, you should check that the space is safe and there is no risk of someone arriving quickly and knocking the ladder over.

If animals or children are in the area, then make sure that they cannot access the bottom of the ladder and potentially hit it.

You also need to check that the floor is level and secure before you position your ladder. Any uneven or unstable ground can cause your ladder to slip, putting the person at the top of it in peril.

If you’re unsure how to assess your surroundings and determine if they are safe, ask an expert. Big Bear Roofing can help you with any roofing-based issues that you may have so that you can get your roof back to its former glory quickly without putting your health and property at risk.

Hire A Professional Roofing Contractor

If you’re planning on undertaking a major structural project on your roofs, such as roof replacement or roof repair, then you should work with an experienced roofer.

If you try to lift heavy materials onto your roof, you could fall and hurt yourself, and you could also cause more damage by completing the project to a low standard.

As such, you should work with professionals like ours. Our team is certified and understands how to complete your project to the highest possible standards.

They also have access to the best roofing products and tools on the market, so they can ensure that your roofing project is a success.

To find out more about Big Bear Roofing and how our services can benefit your home, contact us, and our experts will be happy to discuss your next project with you.

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