How To Choose The Right Roofing Contractor For Your Roof Replacement Project

by | Oct 1, 2020 | Commercial, Residential

When it comes time to get your roof repaired, you need to find the right contractor to get the job done right. If you rush into the decision, you might find that you end up choosing a contractor that isn’t fully qualified for the job. You also must make sure that you are not overpaying, as this is easy to do when there is little research completed.

At Big Bear Roofing, we believe that we are a leading roofing contractor in Raleigh, NC. However, if you don’t quite believe us yet, we will set out some of the things you should look for when finding a new contractor below.

Check For Experience

One of the first things you must look for when choosing a roofer for your roof replacement project is their experience in this field. Sure, a new contractor might be as qualified as any other company, but if they don’t have much experience on the job, they might not know how to handle your repair as well as others. It would help if you always ask your roofing contractor a bit more about their experience. Can they offer you any testimonials from previous clients? Can they show you some photographs of projects they have worked on before? At Big Bear Roofing, we always make sure to let you know a bit more about our experience, so make sure to get in touch.

Get A Few Repair Quotes

You should never go with the first company you find online, even if they have a lot of experience and appear to be the best on the market. We believe that we are a leading roofing company in Raleigh, NC, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t think you should also get additional quotes. When you get a few quotes from different companies, you can figure out which price works best for you. Roofing repairs can be quite expensive, and so not everyone can afford the high prices that some roofing contractors might charge. For this reason, we suggest that you shop around and get a few quotes from different companies. However, it would be best to remember that the lowest price isn’t always the best one. Some companies will charge more for higher-quality service and materials.

Ask Your Friends

Do you know someone who lives locally that has recently had a roof replacement completed? Often, getting recommendations from friends or family members can be the best way to find a company that can correctly get the job done. It is much more likely that you will find an honest review of a company if you ask someone you know. Typically, contractors will only post glowing reviews on their website, and so you might be convinced to go with them when they don’t have much experience. Ask around your family and friends to see if anyone knows of any great companies. Our reviews speak for themselves at Big Bear Roofing as we always get the job done promptly and to a high standard.


Another thing to consider when choosing a roofing contractor for your project is the warranties that they offer. Some contractors will offer a warranty that will protect your roof in the long run, and others won’t. Ideally, your contractor will provide a warranty backed by the GAF, and if it isn’t, you might find yourself in trouble further down the line. Our warranties are excellent, and we believe these are what sets us apart from our competitors. Make sure to ask your contractor about their warranties if you want to make sure that you protect your roof for a long time into the future.

Consider Customer Service

Customer service is something that many people consider when they go to a retail store or a restaurant, but what about contractors? Customer service is vital, and if you are not getting a high level of service from your roofing contractor, you might want to go elsewhere. Not only should your contractor keep you updated with the project along the way, but they should also treat you kindly and ensure that you do not get overcharged. Often, if you ask a roofing contractor about their customer service, they will tell you a bit more about how they go above and beyond. If you can find a contractor like Big Bear Roofing that puts customers first, you will be happy.

Don’t Forget Insurance

Finally, before choosing a roofing contractor for your roof replacement project, you should learn more about their insurance. You will want to ensure that they are fully covered to protect your home and that your insurance company won’t charge you more in the long run. If a company doesn’t tell you about their insurance when you ask, you should approach them cautiously.

It is also worth checking out their accreditations before agreeing to the contract. For example, Big Bear Roofing has been registered as Gas Safe, and we are BBB A+ accredited. This means that you can place your trust in us to get the job done safely. If another contractor can’t provide this information to you, it might be best to go elsewhere.

Try Big Bear Roofing

As you can see, many of the things that you will need to look for in a roofing contractor are offered right here at Big Bear Roofing. We provide a high level of roofing service in Raleigh, NC, and can get the job done quickly and effectively. If you ask some of our previous customers, you’ll see just how excellent the service we provide is. Get in touch today to get a quote for your roof replacement, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Don’t let yourself get into trouble with a poor-quality contractor; choose Big Bear Roofing today for a well-done job.


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