Roof Maintenance For Commercial Buildings

by | Oct 1, 2021 | Residential, Roofing

The “out of sight, out of mind” adage could not be more appropriate as far as roofing is concerned. You do not feel any urgency or need to be alarmed because you can’t see what’s happening on your building roof. However, roof maintenance is seldom only about aesthetics.

Among several other things, it’s about coats, seam repairs, and monitoring flashings and seals around the protrusions. Your commercial building has several components requiring regular upkeep, and the roof is a crucial feature that you cannot ignore or neglect. At Big Bear Roofing, we provide professional, reliable, and cost-effective roof repair services.

Why is Roof Repair Crucial?

Because it’s an essential aspect of your building’s overall design, you must address commercial roof repairs on time. Any damage to the roof may also affect the property’s market value. A rooftop only accounts for 10% of a building’s overall cost. Despite this, problems like leaks and repairs on the roof can account for 50% of all difficulties the building encounters in the future.

Benefits of Timely Roof repairs

There are certain advantages to getting regular maintenance for your commercial roof, such as:

  • You’re increasing the worth of your investment the moment you do attend to things like minor roof repairs or major renovations. If you keep your roof clean, make regular repairs, and apply sealants, your commercial property will look much more professional.
  • The state of your commercial roof tells your current tenants how committed you are to maintaining the property’s condition. Thus, they are more likely to renew their leases, allowing you to raise your present rents.
  • Regular roof maintenance not only adds value to your commercial building but also lends a fresh new aesthetic. In addition, this may serve to entice new renters.
  • Gutter cleanings, surface membrane inspections for bald areas, tears, un-adhered joints, caulkings, and repairs of metallic flashing will save you a lot of money if done regularly. Minor roof repairs are substantially less expensive than a total roof replacement.

It encourages sustainability because repairing rather than replacing the commercial roof makes your structure more environmentally friendly.

What Do Roof Inspections Include?

Performing annual roof inspections is an essential aspect of preventative maintenance since it extends the life of your roof by several years. Our first objective is to assess the entire structure during the commercial roof inspection, including its components. As part of our proposal, we’ll discuss the current roof system, including the type of base and insulation and any existing roofing accessories, and the roof’s state.

The inspection report will include detailed images of the roof system, the walls, scuppers, and other flashing elements to show how the roof assembly is built and describe its current state. This will assist in determining the most cost-effective strategy for maintaining the existing roof system and planning an efficient replacement strategy when necessary.

What Roof Maintenance Schedule Should You Maintain?

Commercial buildings’ roofs can be massive; thus, replacing the entire roof would be an astronomical expense. Please pay attention to the condition of your commercial roofing system and seek the services of an experienced company that can perform regular upkeep on a biannual basis to avoid property damage and injury to those who work on it?

Roofs can collect leaves or windblown debris, obstructing drainage, and should be cleaned at least once a year to keep your roofing system in good condition. Cuts or punctures can be caused by falling limbs, tradespeople working on rooftop equipment, or loose equipment panels flying over the roof. To meet your specific building and roofing system requirements, we will design a commercial roof maintenance plan specifically for you.

Why Does Timely Roof Repair Matter?

Experts recommend a bi-annual roof inspection. As a result, you’ll be able to spot problems with the roof before they become serious. Prompt roof repairs prevent the problem from getting worse due to the passage of time and exposure to the environment. Replace missing or broken shingles as soon as you notice them rather than waiting a few months and risking significant water damage to your roof structure.

Minor repairs are economical and can significantly increase the lifespan of the structure. A well-maintained roof has a 25-100-year lifespan. In addition, regular upkeep keeps your property in pristine condition.

When Is Roof Replacement Required?

The condition of the building and current roofing assembly, location, and specific business operations of the site will all influence the choice of roof system and maintenance process. We develop an inspection/repair/maintenance/replacement plan tailored to your facility’s specific needs with regular meetings. If the roof has deteriorated significantly and our experts determine that roof repair is not worth the high cost, they may recommend total roof replacement.

We use the best materials and components in our roof maintenance and roof repairs and cover all our work with guarantees. This customized and personalized approach helps ensure that your roof stays in excellent condition now and for years to come. It means you can be sure that we will tackle the job right the first time around.

How to Find a Reliable Roofing Contractor

It is crucial to select a reliable and experienced company for all your commercial roof repair requirements. You can find detailed information and gauge the roofing contractor’s service quality by following these simple tips.

  • Read online reviews and customer testimonials, noting negative/positive comments on various roof maintenance or repair job aspects.
  • Drive past their recent projects rather than only look at photographs. A local roofing contractor will have worked on many local commercial properties.
  • Ask for referrals and contact some of their previous clients for information regarding the company’s reliability, quality, and other aspects.
  • Get a free estimate from the roofing company, studying it carefully to ensure no hidden costs exist. You can also compare quotes from multiple local roofers and compare services and pricing before making your final decision.

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