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In Greensboro, NC, Big Bear Roofing is the leading provider of expert storm damage repair and roof replacement services. When your roof suffers damage from storms, including hail and strong winds, our team is here to assist you immediately. We specialize in managing insurance claims and collaborate closely with adjusters to ensure accurate assessments that reflect the true extent of your roof damage.

At Big Bear Roofing, we understand the importance of timely and thorough repairs. Our commitment to excellence means we advocate fiercely on behalf of our clients to prevent claim rejections and secure maximum compensation. Count on us to protect your home and investment with our dedicated storm damage expertise.

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Tips for Filing an Insurance Claim for Storm Damage

Get Your Insurance Claim Paid & Your Repairs Quickly

Don’t wait! Call the experts at Big Bear Roofing to inspect your roof for any damage. Our experienced roofers know where to look for damage and we will thoroughly document it. Waiting too long to contact your insurer can block you from submitting the claim. Look for reporting deadlines and what types of roof damage are covered. Keep records of any out-of-pocket expenses that may be eligible for reimbursement. Hire Big Bear Roofing so we can make sure your claim is submitted promptly.

The Insurance Claims Process
for Storm Damage

Work With Big Bear To Get Your Repairs Rapidly.


The process starts with a roof inspection. Not all roofing contractors are qualified to make a thorough inspection of storm damage. Less experienced roofers may miss important but subtle signs the roof requires repair or replacement. At Big Bear, our roofers are trained to identify damage properly and can diagnose issues in a way that’s in line with insurance company guidelines. That means you may have a better chance of filing a successful insurance claim for your damaged roof.

File Claim

If we determine your roof has sustained significant enough storm damage to warrant a full replacement through your insurance company, we will then file the claim. Once the claim has been filed, an Insurance Adjuster will be assigned to your claim and the adjuster make an appointment to inspect your roof and to document any damages. Your Big Bear Representative will be present at the time the Insurance Adjuster is assessing your roof to ensure proper documentation and to answer any questions the Insurance Adjuster may have.


Once the assessment is complete, the Insurance Adjuster will prepare an estimate for you and give you the first check for your roof replacement or repair. The insurance adjuster may either do that in person or mail these items to you.


Together, we will review the paperwork to help you completely understand it. At this time, you will select your roofing product. If everything is in order, we will get work to repair your roof quickly and professionally. We don’t collect your first insurance check from you until we have delivered all materials to your home which is typically one day before your project begins.


Once all the work is complete, we will invoice your insurance company for a second check to be issued to you. Your insurance company will never send us the check directly. Instead, we will pick it up from you. The entire process, from filing the claim to a restored roof, typically takes approximately 2 to 3 weeks depending on how quickly your insurance company acts.


A Better Roof At A Better Price

This financing plan allows customers to make purchases without incurring any interest charges for a period of 12 months, provided they pay off the full balance within that timeframe. It provides flexibility and convenience for customers who may need roofing services but prefer to spread out payments over time without accruing interest. With this option, customers can enjoy the benefits of a new roof without immediate financial strain.