The roof that covers your home is one of the most critical parts, and if it starts to deteriorate, you could find yourself in trouble. Roof repairs can be expensive if you leave any issues too late, and if you need to replace them entirely, you could find that it is outside your budget. For this reason, you should be aware of any signs indicating that your roof requires repair.

In this blog, our roofers will cover some of these things. Read on to see what you should look out for when checking your roof to ensure it’s always safe.

Ten Signs That Your Roof Needs Repair

1. Chimney Flashing

If your home has a chimney, you’ll want to ensure you are keeping an eye on it. There are many different chimney types, so you must check what kind you have in your home. If the roof’s flashing is cement or even tar, you might need to think about replacing it sooner than you think. Typically, chimney flashing made of these materials requires replacing with a water-tight fitting that will last in the long term. Take a closer look at your chimney before taking any steps. If there are any issues, hire an expert who can resolve the problem.

2. Roof Valleys

Have you noticed some missing roof valleys? This issue is a serious sign that you might need more than a roof repair – you might need to replace it. The valleys are a significant part of your roof; if they are compromised, you could experience leaks. Leaks can cause several other problems, so you will want to address this problem with an expert’s help quickly. You should check in on your valleys regularly to ensure your roof doesn’t need a repair or replacement sooner rather than later.

3. Old Age

Another sign that you should look out for on your roof is age. Typically, roofs should last around 25 years, and if your roof is much older than this, you might need to get it repaired relatively soon. Of course, age isn’t the only factor; you must also consider the layers of shingles you currently have. If there are several layers, you could find that a roof replacement is necessary rather than a repair.

4. Cracked or Curled Shingles

When you inspect your roof to ensure it doesn’t need a repair, you should look closely at the shingles. Shingles typically only last for a certain length of time, so once they reach the end of their lifespan, they can become curled or cracked. You might even find some of the shingles missing, which can be problematic. If just a few shingles are cracked or curled, you’ll need to get this repaired. You might need a replacement roof if the problem is much more severe.

5. Attic Leaking

Have you noticed any leaking in your attic recently? This problem can be quite common after heavy rain or a storm and can be very problematic if your roof is not in good condition. The good news is that you can usually fix roof leaks by replacing the flashing, but this is not always true. In a porous underlayment, you might need a roof replacement. Either way, you shouldn’t let this issue get worse.

6. Glimmers of Light

When many homeowners notice some light coming through their attic, they tend to pass it off as something that happens repeatedly. However, glimmers of light coming through your attic could result from misplaced or broken shingles. For this reason, you should ensure you are addressing the issue and replacing any shingles as soon as possible.

7. Sagging Roof Deck

The decking or rafters in your attic should remain straight, but what if they start to sag downward? This problem could be a sign of leaking moisture, so you will need to hire an expert to find a solution to this problem. It could be that your problem is localized, so you can avoid a roof replacement and have it repaired in no time.

8. Wear and Tear

Over the lifespan of your roof, you will find that wear and tear are ordinary. This is especially true if various objects penetrate your roofs, such as chimneys, pipes, or vents. As these are attached to the roof, deterioration is common. Of course, you should try to get any repairs done on these issues as soon as possible to preserve the life of your roof and avoid having to get anything replaced soon.

9. Dark Shingles

We already addressed that curled or cracked shingles could indicate that your roof needs repair, but what about dark shingles? If your shingles are dirty, dark, or even wet, you could find that moisture is getting trapped there. This issue means the shingles are not performing as they should be, so you might need to replace them. Make sure to call an expert like us to find a solution to the problem.

10. Don’t Ignore Roof Issues

If you leave any of these issues for an extended period, you must replace your roof entirely rather than get it repaired. This can be costly, so you will want to avoid this at all costs. It would help if you kept an eye out for any signs covered in this blog to maintain your roof for an extended period.

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