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Discover quality roof repair services with Big Bear Roofing in Chapel Hill, NC. Our expert roof repair team is dedicated to delivering exceptional results for your home or business. Receive a complimentary roof inspection to pinpoint and repair issues such as damaged shingles, worn-out granules, cracked caulk, rusted flashing, deteriorated rubber boots, structural weaknesses, chimney defects, missing caps, and improperly secured gutters.

Chapel Hill’s historic charm and natural surroundings demand roofing solutions that blend seamlessly with its picturesque landscapes. Big Bear Roofing specializes in providing customized roof repair services that enhance the aesthetic appeal and structural integrity of your property. Whether you’re preserving the architectural heritage of a historic home or enhancing the sustainability of a modern structure, trust our expertise to deliver reliable roof repair services that exceed expectations.

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Rapid Roof Repair to
Protect Your Investment

Roofing Contractor Services with Lifetime Warranty

Your home’s roof is continually exposed to harmful weather conditions, such as hurricane-force wind, rain, hail, and UV rays. Eventually, your roof will need repair. Without roof repairs, a damaged roof can lead to rotting wood, insect and animal infestation, and moisture damage throughout your home. Contact us, and we will inspect your roof for FREE and give you a quote for repairs.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Roof?

Look for These “Red Flags”

Sometimes, replacing a few shingles is all you need to do to restore your roof’s look and function. However, if a leak extends through the various layers of your roof, then it’s usually a better idea—and a better value—to replace the entire roof. Contact us, and we will inspect your roof for FREE and give you the best options for restoring it.

Roof Repair

Over 20 Years Old

Most experts agree that a typical roof will last between 20 and 25 years

Roof Repair

Roof Valleys

Look for missing or deteriorating shingles in these areas
Roof Repair

Chimney Flashing

If your flashing consists of roof cement or tar, it may need to be replaced
Roof Repair

Curling Shingles

Shingles that are curling are past their life expectancy
Roof Repair

Missing Shingles

Missing shingles are a major sign that your roof could be failing
Roof Repair

Granules in Gutters

Roofs tend to lose more granules toward the end of their life cycle.


A Better Roof At A Better Price

This financing plan allows customers to make purchases without incurring any interest charges for a period of 12 months, provided they pay off the full balance within that timeframe. It provides flexibility and convenience for customers who may need roofing services but prefer to spread out payments over time without accruing interest. With this option, customers can enjoy the benefits of a new roof without immediate financial strain.