Popular Roofing Trends For 2022

by | Apr 1, 2022 | Roofing

Your property is a considerable investment, and your roof is integral to that. Anyone undertaking a roofing project in 2022 will have a lot to unpack! The roofing industry is always coming up with ways to add style to homes with ever-changing roofing trends and styles. 

Innovation, overall taste, and efficiency all affect the rapid shift of the roofing industry as the way the average consumer thinks about roofing is ultimately altering.

Roofs differ in several ways, but at their most basic, they can be classified as aesthetics, energy efficiency, durability, & fire safety. However, the wrong choice can lead to long-term damage, and this does thorough research before choosing the perfect roof so crucial for architects, builders, & homeowners all alike.

The latest trend will elevate the look of your home, and knowing them will give you a better understanding of the designs. Let’s uncover some of the most popular roofing trends.

1. Green Roofs

In keeping with the eco-friendly concept, Green roofs are a terrific way to create a lovely appearance while protecting Mother Earth. Of late, residential dwellings have been increasingly following suit with business buildings in putting flora on their rooftops. 

Apart from being visually beautiful, they help protect your property from the weather, with the vegetation effectively working to catch and absorb precipitation to avoid flooding. At their best, they also offer natural shade, which helps insulate and save home energy.

2. Solar Roofs

Energy-efficient roofs have become increasingly popular as more homeowners become interested in decreasing their carbon footprint and becoming ecologically conscious. The energy independence that solar power offers is one of the reasons behind its popularity.

3. Cool Roofing

Climate change and global warming worries become more urgent than ever, prompting cool roofs to become a popular remedy to these environmental difficulties in 2022. 

Cool roofs are composed of materials that reflect away and absorb the energy of a specific wavelength, making the inside cooler and increasing the home’s overall efficiency.

4. Synthetic Roofing Materials

As a property owner, you won’t have to worry about re-roofing for a while. This is incredibly durable, can endure even the harshest weather, and is fashionable. 

Synthetic shingles are lightweight and easy to maintain, and their excellent longevity and sustainability are primarily due to the recyclable materials used to make them, like rubber and plastic. 

5. Asphalt Shingles

Having stood the test of time, this roofing type has remained an industry staple, mainly due to its dependability, versatility, and economic affordability. 

The color possibilities are endless, giving property owners plenty of choices in selecting the ideal match that fits their needs or taste.

6. Metal Roofing

Metal roofing materials are the ideal option to improve the exterior appeal of your property while also offering structural protection, thanks to their remarkable aesthetic value, versatile construction, high functionality, and longevity. 

Your options here include: aluminum, copper, steel, and other alloys are particularly well-suited to snowy places since snow sloughs directly off them, sparing your property from harm sustained by snow accumulation.

7. Mixed Materials

While lower and flatter roofs are trendy, many property owners and builders gravitate towards combining different roof styles and materials. 

Experimenting with varied roof slopes, colors, and materials promises to be a big deal in 2022. The roof of a single house can have up to four or five distinct materials, colors, and pitches.

8. Silicone Roof Coating

While a longstanding staple in commercial roofing, silicone roofs are slowly making their way into residences. Silicone roofing is ideal for homeowners who wish to change their roof’s appearance without tearing it off and replacing it. 

The existing roof may be repaired and coated with just two applications of silicone roof coating, helping you extend its life. 

Tips For Picking The Perfect Roof

Take a look at these five pointers for picking the perfect roof for your home to determine which 2022 roofing design you’ll get for your property:

1. Determine A Timeline For Your Project

If you plan to sell your home shortly, you’ll want to choose long-lasting materials wisely because this will affect the value of your home.

2. Set A Realistic Budget

Other considerations, such as the existing condition of the roof, its shape, and the structure that impacts ease of installation, all influence the final cost of a new roof.

3. Research the Various Roofing Options Available 

Make sure you grasp all your roofing material alternatives to know precisely what you’ll get with the new roofing and how long it will last.

4. Set Up An Appointment With A Roofing Specialist

A new roof is a massive project that may completely transform the appearance of your home’s exterior. Make sure you work with a reputable roofing contractor who will complete the job correctly. Prepare a folder with critical questions and example images of the roof you want after determining a budget and investigating roofing materials. 

Before engaging with a professional installation team, be sure they can answer these questions and meet your expectations during your initial meeting.


While roofs may not receive the same design attention as other areas of the house, they make up half of the outside of your home, so they demand care if you want to increase your curb appeal. The most vital aspect of your roof is its functionality correctly. 

At their best, roofs are beneficial; hence most of the design alternatives on this list are functional. Cool roofs, for example, are ideal for hotter climates since they help to keep your property cooler.

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